March 26, 2012

Fifty50: Pickle

I love photo challenges, but you wouldn't know it from recent post. I admit it- I have fallen off the challenge bandwagon. For several months I had my days planned around what challenges were coming up and what photos I needed to capture, but... it was too much for me. Between work, pets, life (and I guess I should mention the husband), I just couldn't devote that much time to photo challenges.

But... then I realized  the joy of periodic and monthly photo challenges- yay! Over at Chase the Light, Tracey has a variety of fun and no pressure photo challenges to enjoy. This month she started her Fifty50 project which focuses on diptychs (she has a great explanation of what that is). So what did I take 2 photos of?

Pickle, of course!

Well, I was mostly focusing on his ears.

They kind of do their own thing, no matter what he wants them to do.

"Mom- I'm being serious. Stop playing with the clicking black thing and pet my belly!"

"What? These are my serious ears!"

Poor Pickle- he won't ever be taken seriously until he gets more graceful and learns to control his ears.

I hope that never happens!

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