February 18, 2011

Finally Friday!

All work and no play makes Jill a... bad photographer? I've been jammed with work recently, so I've gotten very few good images this week {boo}, but tonight I was able to get some fun shots. It did make me feel better to pick up the camera again!

The moon was so bright tonight- you could get great details of the surface, even with only a 100mm lens.

Once back inside, Chowder promptly fell asleep. However, just in case someone should attempt to break in, his ear stayed on alert (and of course he opened his eye just in time for the picture!).

Of course, Pepsi was unimpressed with the moon and thought Chow's alertness to be laughable. Well, amusing- I've rarely seen her even giggle.

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Whether or not they are my guardian creatures, I do love these little animals!


love and life ♥ said...

Awww Kitteh is so cute! Cool moon shot! x

Cecily R said...

I love the moon shot and the close up of your kitty. You DID get some great shots in this week!

jillconyers said...

Great favorite things shot!

Shannon said...

Great moon shot and I love the last one of your cat. Thanks for sharing and linking up this week!

Jennifer said...

wow, that moon shot is amazing!

Tara said...

Very cool moon shot! Love it. You captured some great photos. Thanks for linking up.

Anonymous said...

Man, I miss having animals to shoot. Love that one alert ear! Thanks for linking up to The View from Here. I am happy to meet you!


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