January 19, 2011

Lets go on a Picnik!

Can you tell I just started using Picnik? My current laptop doesn't have enough memory to run anything like PhotoShop, so I use that fun online tool and I'm toodling around with the options! I know they may be amateur, but I'm having fun! So without further ado- my recent edits!

the long road 

Wordless Wednesday with


justine said...

very nice shots.

Amy said...

You had commented on my blog a couple weeks ago, and I am just now returning the favor.

I just love your black and white photo - it's brilliant! The light and shadows combined with the composition make this photo one that I could easily see hanging on a wall. Great processing!

Kathleen said...

Love the black and white as well as the tone of the second photo!

Thanks for stopping by Treasured Chapters!


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