December 27, 2009


I tend to obsess. Over lots of things. Constantly. Its a personality flaw that I'm working on {not really}.

My current obsession is getting a girly camera bag. You may not know this, but most camera bags are a bit less than glamorous. The bag that I'm using now is a utilitarian Lowepro Slingshot 200. It is really quite fabulous for my current needs, but it isn't... cute... or fashionable... or pretty. {tears}

Of course, the options for meeting the above mentioned titles are few and far between. But it can be had {for a rather magnificent price, for poor-yours-truly}. Feast your eyes on this beauty.

Pardon the drool.

Beautiful leather. Cute little attached wristlet-thingy. Lots of padding. Optional shoulder strap. {Swoon}. This bag does not scream 'TOURIST' or 'PHOTOGRAPHER'. Rather, it whispers 'I have pretty good taste. Look how awesome I am.' Plus, it comes in brown, red, black or white, to match all one's obsessive fashion needs.

The company who makes her is called jill-e, and they have several sizes and colors of beautious bags for the camera-woman in the know (or on the go?) who wants a fashionable AND functional camera bag.

Of course, the bags I want run from $140-$240 {hellllooooo eBay!}, so I won't be rushing out to buy a brand new one anytime soon, but that doesn't stop me from checking them out 4-5 times {8-10} times a week.

But don't call me obsessed. It just isn't nice to name names.

Cure for an obsession: get another one. - Mason Cooley

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