July 9, 2012

A new way to travel

The heat in my area has been brutal this year, and while I still love commuting via bicycle for the most part, the extra sweat is not my favorite. I've been using a messenger bag for commuting and that worked fine, but I recently changed jobs and have to carry more stuff with me on a daily basis. I've been getting quite tired of how sweaty that makes me, so... I made a change.

Gone are my free-wheeling days of messenger bag madness.

I have upgraded to a more mature, matronly pair of....


Through the magic of Craigslist I discovered someone who had a brand new set for sale and off I went. They even have an extra bag that can go on top (though it smushes on my seat a little), but I don't need to carry THAT much stuff!

I hope the change helps- at least it will make the ride a little more comfortable!

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