November 29, 2009

Long time no post!

And so I have finally returned to the blogging world. Life has been exceptionally busy (as I'm sure it has been for anyone else), but I've decided its time to return to the blog-o-sphere. Whats new here?

-I've made a few changes to my 101 in 1001 which I'll post in the new few days. Over the last month, I've made next to no progress on my list and found that several of my goals didn't really matter that much to me, so... I changed them and I'm starting over as of Dec. 1, just to make a clean break of it. I suppose I could procrastinate until New Year's, but then I'd probably never get started.

-I'm obsessing over new ideas in home decor {shocking} and I'm just itching to distract Mr. Pony long enough to spend hundreds of dollars on airy bookcases, delicate knick-knack tables and tidbits of foolishness to decorate said tables. I may have to content myself with daydreaming for now, but one day, victory shall be mine!

-The Pony family is strongly considering adopting a dog from one of the local animal rescues. Mr. P thinks a lab puppy would be super. I'm a bit more... tentative on the puppy-ness of what we adopt. I'm leaning more towards a mature animal that will hopefully be past its puppy chewing phase, etc. After all, we already have the catdog that chews on shoes, wires and small pieces of wooden furniture- isn't that enough?

Nothing major has changed, but important things for me! Upcoming will be some updates to the 'look' of the Pony site, plus *hopefully* more regular additions. Cheers!

The begining is the most important part of the work. - Plato

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